A Sustainable City

Creating the first Games to be aligned with the Paris Agreement on climate change, 6 years before 2030

A Strategy of Environmental Excellence

Faced with climate change, the carbon challenge, the depletion of natural resources, SOLIDEO seeks a strategy of environmental excellence with strong ambitions. This strategy applies as much to projects directly managed by SOLIDEO as to those only supervised.

SOLIDEO has high environmental ambitions and seeks to place itself as an exemplary developer, around 3 main strategic focuses:

  • Goal to be carbon neutral by 2050, over the whole process of constructing the buildings in the neighbourhood: using bio-based and low carbon building materials, reusing and recycling site waste, use of renewable energy, etc.
  • Guarantee urban comfort in the weather conditions of 2050, taking into account climate pressure and the increase in extreme weather, by reducing the urban heat island effect, developing venues and infrastructures that are resilient and reversible, and giving attention to the quality of inside air, etc.
  • Positive contribution of the project to biodiversity: creation of an ecosystem, new biotopes, vegetation adapted to the climate challenges of 2050 and to increase green infrastructure, taking into account the challenges linked to the water cycle.

SOLIDEO has designed a strategy for environmental excellence based on a dialogue with local authorities, experts and professionals in the construction industry, urban service operators, energy experts, architects and planners We collaborate on an ongoing basis with a multi-disciplinary scientific advisory team.

This strategy is also designed in keeping with public policy at international, national, region and local level (Paris Agreement on climate change 2015, Biodiversity Plan 2014, Regional Scheme for Climate, Air and Energy for the Île-de-France region, Paris Climate Plan, etc.).

The strategy was adopted by SOLIDEO’s board of directors on 16 October 2018. This document establishes the principles of the strategy for all venues and infrastructures that SOLIDEO is working on, and also set out the initial commitments.

A shared, clear strategy

The Terrain des Essences: a future haven for biodiversity within the Media Cluster

In the context of the Media Cluster project in Dugny/Le Bourget/La Courneuve, we will convert the Terrain des Essences into a new section of the Georges Valbon park, the 3rd largest park in Ile-de-France, stretching over almost 13 hectares. This abandoned area, which previously accommodated an army fuel depot, will, after being decontaminated, aim to encourage biodiversity and provide education on the subject.

In this area, various animal species will be encouraged, including:

  • The Natterjack toad, which was already present on the site, has been carefully moved during the work so that its environment can be made into a sanctuary and prepared for its reinstatement.
  • Migratory birds, such as the Black-Winged Stilt, the Bluethroat and the Common Redshank.
  • The long-eared owl, a majestic species that will benefit especially from the trees that will be planted in this area.

The redevelopment of the Terrain des Essences, carried out with the Seine-Saint-Denis department council and the French Ministry of Armed Forces, will benefit the flora and fauna as well as the inhabitants of the new neighbourhood from 2025.

Waterway logistics, an ecological solution at the heart of the construction of the Athletes Village

The future facilities of the Athletes Village aim to be exemplary, as much from the point of view of the environmental excellence of the constructions as of using clean logistical solutions that respect the daily life of the Ile-de-France inhabitants. Thanks to the expertise of VNF and HAROPA-Ports de Paris, with whom we signed an agreement alongside the Ile-de-France Region Prefecture, we will guarantee the management of the Athletes’ Village carbon footprint by using river transport on the Seine, and also the construction deadlines.

  • More than 500,000 tonnes of rubble to be excavated
  • + 3,000 tonnes of carbon saved
  • Less disturbance for locals

Understanding the strategy of Environmental Excellence

Understanding the strategy of Environmental Excellence

An ambitious programme for citizen participation

Creating the Athletes Village and the Media Cluster with the participation of local citizens and experts.

From 2019, SOLIDEO has implemented participation schemes to include citizens in the discussions about the urban fabric of the Villages, the future living areas after the Games.
Through workshops, walks, discussions, events, surveys on the land, educational videos, etc., our goal is to inform and encourage participation from citizens throughout this project.
In 2020, SOLIDEO will create a new dynamic: to involve the biggest number of citizens possible. We will give a voice to young people, involving school pupils, developing an interactive digital model in the style of a serious game, to allow citizens to design public areas and express their wishes about the use of the future neighbourhoods.
To ensure a consistent process, our tools will integrate strategies of innovation, environmental excellence and universal accessibility.

An ambitious programme for citizen participation

To complement this citizen participation, SOLIDEO will take the initiative to lead public participation during the administrative procedure phases.

The administrative formalities for the project design of the Olympic and Paralympic Village and the Media Cluster urban development zones will move ahead: environmental authorisation requests will be made, planning document compatibility checks carried out, etc. To support these steps, citizens will be asked to give their views on the projects and provide contributions via “Participation in an Electronic Public Vote” (PPVE). These votes will be organised by the Seine-Saint-Denis Prefecture and under the auspices of the National Commission for Public Debate (CNDP).

Currently two votes are organised for 10 June and 12 July 2020: one for the Olympic and Paralympic Village urban development zone with regard to planning compatibility with the Plaine Commune and another for the Media Cluster urban development zone with regard to the environmental authorisation request.

To find out more about the vote relating to the Olympic and Paralympic Village urban development zone, click here.

To find out more about the vote relating to the Media Cluster urban development zone, click here.

Photo credits - © SOLIDEO / Sennse C. Badet 

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